BMus + CaLD

That old tape ran on loop in my mind again: Is my voice/my perspective valuable? Am I the right ‘fit’ for this? Old insecurities around belonging and worth were stirred – insecurities fastened to my sense of identity… I decided to brave it and to write about my lived experience all those years ago, feeling my way through a Western classical music degree (BMus) as a student from a culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) background.

I was invited to write for The Music Trust’s Loudmouth Magazine recently. It was a welcome challenge. You can read the full article here.

Ethics of Identity

The ethicists take those hanging bits of paper with questions by the public and use them as stubs for articles or ideas for programs at The Ethics Centre. I wonder if they might pick mine.

I’d been expecting a topical discussion about identity politics but we only touched on that. Happily instead, we got a crash course in the philosophy of identity at Friday night’s sold out Ethics of Identity talk by Patrick Stokes. It was a very welcome opportunity to sit, listen and think. Lots of questions were posed:

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