Cultural Omnivore is a blog about cultural diversity in the arts. I write for pleasure and as a way to reflect on local, contemporary arts/cultural happenings that interest me. I think of myself as a bit of a ‘cultural omnivore’. Read about cultural omnivorousness here. Read the writings that planted the seed for this blog here. Email me here. Connect on LinkedIn here.

My bio:

Based in Sydney, Australia, Kiriaki Koubaroulis has worked in the creative industries in diverse roles within local government and non-profit sectors in both the visual and performing arts. Her interest in arts practices informed by cultural and linguistic diversity led her to establish Arts Diaspora Inc. (2011 – 2015), through which she produced cross-cultural concerts, community workshops and a children’s theatre show in key venues. Kiri holds a Bachelor of Music from the University of NSW and a Graduate Diploma in Arts Management/Creative and Cultural Industries Management from the University of Technology.