Cultural Omnivore Blog is a blog about cultural diversity in the arts. I write for pleasure and as a way to reflect on local, contemporary arts/cultural happenings that interest me. I think of myself as a bit of a ‘cultural omnivore’. Read about cultural omnivorousness here. Read the writings that planted the seed for this blog here. Email me here. Connect on LinkedIn here.

About me:

I am an independent arts professional and writer. My driving purpose in all my work is a desire for a fairer, more inclusive, more democratic cultural landscape. I want to see diverse arts, artists and stories, often pushed to the margins by current structures, systems and attitudes, take their rightful place at the centre of our ecology.

For this reason, in late 2018, I established Cultural Omnivore as a vehicle for my own writing practice and arts projects.

Based in Sydney, Australia, I’ve worked in the creative industries in diverse roles within the local government and non-profit sectors in both the visual and performing arts. I hold a Bachelor of Music from the University of NSW and a Graduate Diploma in Arts Management/Creative and Cultural Industries Management from the University of Technology, Sydney.